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What is E-waste?

E-waste or electronic waste is an umbrella term used for all electrical products’ waste. Any outdated or unwanted electrical devices you wish to discard will produce E-waste, from your smartphone to your refrigerator. Germany makes a whopping 8.5 million tonnes of E-waste a year. More than 40% of this E-waste gets exported and illegally dumped. and illegally dumped.

Recycle - Refurbish - Reuse

We repair any device that can be restored to original standards and reuse them. Refurbishing a machine can reduce carbon emissions by 50% for every new device manufactured.

What makes us Sustainable?

We identify working parts of obsolete devices, removing ferrous and non-ferrous parts by shredding and separation process. We use all components that can be repaired and utilized without compromising the quality.

Why Refurbished?

You can save between 150 - 2,500 gm of E-waste for every product you buy from us. Unlike recycling, refurbishing has no limits on the number of times a machine gets refurbished.